Sierra Dante is a pilgrim and daily painter, who seeks to unearth the treasures of the day. With each new day, she discerns her spiritual gifts as she continues her pilgrimage through prayer, study, creativity and charity. 

Most days you will find her creating in her atelier; sketching and painting. Other days, she will venture outdoors basking in the Light. She finds most of her inspirations beyond the walls; visiting the birds in the garden, exploring the open desert air, hiking in the deep woods or rambling along the country roads. But nothing compares to sitting silently in God's Presence

Sierra primarily works in oils. She enjoys the expression of what she sees hoping to offer her uniqueness through the abstraction of form through mark making, expressive color and manipulation of light. She is influenced by many of the great saints, theologians, philosophers and painters. However, she sees God's hand in everything true, good and beautiful. He gave us color and light to paint poetry. With His guidance, Sierra tries to stay present, enjoying the freshness of the paint while capturing the poetic landscape of God's Light.

She lives in Scottsdale Arizona - The Valley of the Sun, where talented artists flock to this cool vibrant town. The Sonaran Dessert is unique in all the world with amazing light and landscape. She also enjoys creating from her old stoned atelier near Castelnaud-la-Chapelle France. The Dordogne Valley attracts artists, writers, history buffs, nature seekers, pilgrims and foodie travelers from all over the world to its fairy tale-like setting. 

Sierra thanks many people along her creative journey.
Sierra hopes the fruits of her labor will give glory to God and reflect beauty and peace into the hearts of many.

"Just one of God's pilgrims, painting en plein air along the Way, searching for Beauty, Goodness and Truth." ~ Sierra Dante

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This beautiful lady reminds me of the painting Sierra so graciously gave to us some years ago. Our lady has not bird on her shoulder. I think, though, that she is a tiny bit prettier. We are in blissful admiration for Sierra's art!
-- Ron Coffey, 4/20/17


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