Stella Maris
Color - Light - Harmony- Flow - Line - Soul

I am a pilgrim and daily painter, who seeks to unearth the treasures of each day. As I gather my thoughts as well as my paints, I discern my spiritual gifts with a prayer and a cup of tea. I approach each canvas with a sense of wonder, joy and enchantment. I'm intuitive and with each mark I allow my impressions to guide what I see. 

“Art imitates nature” says Aristotle.

Working in oils for over twenty years feels like being with an old friend. We know each other so well. Our conversations throughout the years have been soulful and I always look forward to the next one. We talk about many things, especially my impressions of how I see His Creation. Oftentimes, I am unable to put it into words, so I paint; using layers of mixed media of harmonious color, light, flow, line, value, texture, and a lot of my soul. My mission is a whole-hearted pursuit to express beauty, peace and joy.  

Most days you will find me creating in my atelier: sketching and painting. Other days, I will venture outdoors basking in the Light. I find most of my inspirations beyond the walls: visiting the birds in the garden, exploring the open desert air, hiking in the deep woods or rambling along the country roads. All of these adventures delight the senses, but nothing compares to sitting silently in God's Presence.

I have been influenced by great saints, theologians, philosophers, musicians and painters. However, I see God's hand in everything true, good and beautiful. He gave us light and color to paint poetry. With His guidance, I try to stay present, enjoying the freshness of the paint, while chasing the poetic landscape of God's Light thru Grace. 
I thank many people along my creative journey.
I hope the fruits of mine and their labor will give glory to God and reflect beauty and peace into the hearts of many.

"Just one of God's pilgrims, painting nature along the Way, searching for Beauty, Goodness and Truth." ~ Sierra Dante

Sierra graduated with a Master's degree in Architecture in 2000. She also has a rich artistic educational background from various avenues. Her artistic journey began with ceramic sculpture but then discovered her passion for painting in classical oils. Sierra’s extensive exploration has led her to the path of painting in large scale using nature based themes. She continues her journey in expressing something personal, allegorical, subjective, emotive and mysterious in a bold impressionistic way. On the canvas, she uses layers of texture, color, light, transparency, and a lot of her soul. 

Sierra lives in Scottsdale Arizona - The Valley of the Sun. Many talented artists flock to this cool vibrant town. The Sonoran Dessert is unique in all the world with amazing light and landscape. 
She also enjoys creating from an ancient stoned cottage near Castelnaud-la-Chapelle France. The Dordogne Valley attracts artists, writers, history buffs, nature seekers, pilgrims and foodie travelers from all over the world to its fairy tale-like setting. 

Curriculum Vitae:

Group Exhibitions:

"ACA Spring Collection" ADC Fine Art Gallery, Cin, OH, Aug 12 - Sept 10, 2023

"Abstract Art" Desert Hills Gallery, Carefree, AZ, Mar 16 - May 24, 2023

"Hot Show, Cool Art" Desert Hills Gallery, Carefree, AZ, May 5 - Oct 2022

"Dazzle" Morean Art Center, St Petersburg, FL July 2019

"Sparkle" Morean Art Center, St Petersburg, FL July 2018

"Group Show" Warehouse Art District, St Petersburg, 2018

St Pete Water Art Fair, St Petersburg, FL, 2017


Sacred Art, Pontifex University 2019-2022

Watts Atelier of the Arts, Encinitas CA: drawing and painting 2017-2022.

Ceramics & Painting, Portland Community College, 2001-3.

Master's of Architecture, University of Idaho, 2000.

Bach. of Architecture, University of Idaho, 1998.

Minor of Art, University of Idaho, 1998.

Minor of Art and General Education, San Diego Community College, 1992-1997

Mentorships/ Workshops/ Artist Residency:

Jenny Nelson Exploring Abstraction: Apr-June 2023.

Creative Visionary Program: Nicholas Wilton: Feb - May 2023.

Mentorship: The Business Art Membership: Cat Tesla and Julie Schumer 
Jan-May 2023

Mentorship: Cat Tesla, Nature Based Abstraction, 2023. 

Mentorship: Sheila Davis : Brush it Bold: https://www.sheiladavis.ca/, 2022

Mentorship: Scott L Christensen: Adventure of Painting, 2021-2023 https://www.adventureofpainting.com/

Mentorship: Christine Lashley: Lashley Art Class https://www.lashleyartclass.com/

Mentorship: Quang Ho: Made For Artists https://mfa.studio/

Workshop: Jill Soukup: Class101,  2021.

Workshop: Kevin McPherson: PaintTube, 2021

Workshop: Cynthia Rosen: PaintTube, 2021

Workshop: Huihan Liu, at the Scottsdale Artists School, December 2021. 

Morean Art Center, St Pete FL: weekly figurative drawing, 2017.

Workshop: Patty Calderone at Calderone Studios in North Carolina, October 2017.

Workshop: Daniel J. Keys at the Scottsdale Artists School, October 2017 and 2020.

Plein Air Intensive in Joucas de Provence, FR, 2011.

Plein Air Intensive, Paris, Aix, Nice, Bordeaux, FR, 2009.

Figure & Portrait Intensive, Florence, IT, 2007.


Oil Painter's of America: 2017 to present.  

American Impressionist Society, 2018 to present.


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