Liberalism's Errors

Crisis Series #4 with Fr. Reuter: Liberalism's Errors
Liberalism rejects all dogmas except their own. They reject God's Law of objective truth, natural law and order. Liberation from reality that is in constant flux, progress, evolution and change. It plagues the mind, the will, the family, society and the Church. Liberalism enslaves themselves to their passions of Power, Pleasure, Money and Praise. Liberalism forms: materialism, rationalism, enlightenment, naturalism, etc. Man rejects GOD and claims that his mind is the highest faculty, that he determines his own reality. 

Catholics know that we're created for a know GOD, to love GOD, to serve HIM and to praise HIM...and to strive to holiness in order to be in Heaven with GOD for eternity. 

SSPX created a series deep in theology, philosophy, history (50 videos)


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