Why Flowers Makes Us Happy?

Painting flowers is a passion. Their color, light, texture and sometimes their fragrance can bring pure joy to the soul and/or even calm a ferocious beast. Some flowers liked to be painted more than others, perhaps because they're just more flamboyant and attention seeking. Perhaps some flowers bring us deep into our memories, as well. 

For instance, I wait in anticipation for the Princess Peonies to take stage among the springtime glory. My mom planted several of her mother's peonies in her garden...and granny planted great-granny's peonies in her garden. These beautiful flowers connect me to a multi-generation of heavenly souls. 

For most of us, they bring us joy, but they also have a major purpose in God's order of things. They supply food, shelter and medicine to billions of insects, animals and people.  

So the next time you're painting the landscape or arranging your still life, think about God's wondering gifts.

Blessings and Happy Painting:-)

This is a cute article about why flowers makes us happy. My Catholic lens tells me they're obviously a gift from God and to try to explain what makes us happy or love, wisdom, beauty...well ya get my point. But God made psychologists too ;-)


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