Q: Where did you learn to paint?
A: I have a Master's Degree in Architecture and a Minor in Art from the University of Idaho. But my education did not end there! I'm a seeker and continually learning/growing as an artist. I would say that I am definitely guided and mostly self taught. Currently, I am seeking a Master's degree in Sacred Art and Theology at the University of Pontifex.
Q: What paint colors and tools do you use?
A: My complete palette and supply list can be found on the Tool Kit page. These colors are my foundation list, but I do try to experiment with different colors and brands from time to time. I also try to paint directly from still life, but I will use photos for allegorical or sacred works. 

Q: Do you only paint with oils?
A: As an artist I enjoy experimenting other mediums. Albeit, I am most comfortable with oils and clay. I do enjoy sketching and ceramic sculpture.

Q: What type of lighting is in your studio?
A: Natural lighting from my north facing window provides the best lighting throughout the day. This is a cool temperature of light, ideal for seeing most colors and detail of my still life. Otherwise, I use a 5500 kelvin-temperature fluorescent bulb to duplicate the temperature of natural light. I use only warm incandescent bulbs for reading, sketching or playing with clay. 

Q: Do you do commission work?
A: I will take commissions for sacred art or religious work. However, I do prefer the freedom of expression in my other work such as still life and allegorical works.

Q: What books would you recommend to artists?
The Bible and The Magnificat for daily devotionals  :-)
Alla Prima: Everything I Know About Painting by Richard Schmid
The Way of Beauty by David Clayton  
The Spirit of the Liturgy by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Benedict XVI)
Art and Prayer : The Beauty of Turning to God by Timothy Verdon
How Catholic Art Saved the Faith by Elizabeth Lev
Finding Divine Inspiration by J.Scott McElroy


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